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By Marquesa LaDawn
NNPA Columnist


Married to Medicine

 The Queen of Shade has returned, but she may have competition. Dr. Heavenly? Toyd, really. I think something’s going on with her; she’s angry and taking it out on everyone. She arrived at the couples’ retreat, couple-less. I pray that things are ok at home. I know she’s having some challenges on the home front since her perspective on marriage has changed. She went from I serve my husband full time to I serve my husband and me. Plus, she’s still mad at Jill over a petty argument. What confuses me about Heavenly is she’s very outspoken but can’t handle it when someone out speaks her.

Mariah’s back and she’s hurt…the queen of saying whatever she feels has returned to play. But, before she can chill with the ladies, she’s gotta heal; she’s emotional. Do I think the ladies owe her an apology for voting her out of the group two seasons ago? Sort of, but not really.

Mariah is shade queen, she speaks, then thinks. Before she could barely get settled back into the group, she attacked Lisa Nicole and Toya.

What I don’t get is why she thinks everyone owes her an apology because she’s the only victim. Lesson for Mariah: “Do you want to be right or happy!” I applaud Toya for not apologizing, and standing her ground by saying that Mariah’s expectations of friendship outranks the status of her relationships. In other words, if you are mean and rude, don’t expect for me to drop everything when you are in need. I may acknowledge and send a message of comfort but to drop by and call you daily, come on now.

Jill Connors, wow, shocking! I was on the fence about her for a while. I like her in one moment and then I’m annoyed the next. Well now, she’s gone too far. Because she does not understand someone’s business, she’s calling it a scheme. I’m not sure what she expects Lisa Nicole to say, she’s right? Jill was offended that Lisa Nicole offered the ladies dancing at the strip club another way of earning money with their clothes on. Jill took it as though Lisa Nicole was judging. Then, in her mind, Jill, felt that putting down Lisa’s business is a way to defend the ladies. Whatever her reasoning, wrong is wrong. I guess that’s why I’m not surprised that she’s having major issues on the home front.

A report came out this week that Jill’s husband filed a restraining order against her which meant she had to leave the home and her children. Wow!

The Braxtons … Tracy is still trying to find her voice.

The sisters have finally agreed to do a family Christmas album to the delight of their mom and fans. But, are still challenged with being in the same room for more than a few hours. During one of their first rehearsals, Tracy struggles to find a note and gets frustrated. Toni, in work mode, tells her, I don’t want you here if you do not want to be all in. Tracy storms out. Why? I think insecurity, she wants the dream of her sisters Toni and Tamar but does not have the guts commitment and at times talent. I really hope they finish this album.

The Real Divas of Hollywood … The Queens of Denial, Part 1 Reunion

Paula is the worst, she’s literally out of control. I think desperate after losing all of her credibility this season. Once you add her husband to the mix, its even worse.

The main problem, The Whit Sisters, a pilot shot and co-produced by all the ladies. Paula and her husband decided they own it. My advice ladies, cut ties with Paula and company, she’s bad news. Guess who else was salty all season? Golden Brooks! She’s so angry, so much so, she began dating a man that called her difficult. I will always be a fan of her from her days on Girlfriends, but she’s not very nice.

To be fair, I like Elise most of the time. But, she’s a bit shady as well. She makes decisions that are not always fair to others and avoids answering for them. It’s amazing how she does that.

I have to say Countess cracks me up! I cannot stop laughing, she’s just funny without trying. She rises above the drama and is a perfect part of the show, she makes us smile!! Ms. Lisa Wu, from the RHOA, is so real! I love her. She cares and tries so hard to be the peace maker.

Until Part 2…

The Real Housewives of the OC

Vicki Gulvanson, oh my goodness is a mess! She cannot avoid drama if she tried. She visited her daughter’s family this week and surprised her daughter with an SUV. A bit hypocritical, since she tells Meghan to not spoil the child. Heck Brianna is not a child, nor did she need the car. She said this on camera. In Vicki-like fashion, she’s in a deep heated argument within minutes over Brianna’s next visit to the OC. Brianna refuses to stay in the house with Brooks or get blamed for putting him out. He is dealing with cancer, right? So, she offered to stay in a hotel, but Vicki refuses, then kicks the camera men out. Here’s my question? After many, many, many seasons on this show, you still do not realize that cameras are everywhere. Even right outside your door. Bye, Girl!


Marquesa LaDawn is a professional businesswoman who escapes the pressures of living in New York City by retreating into the real world of reality TV. Follow me on twitter @realityshowgirl and subscribe to her podcast at http://www.RealitytvGirl.com.



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