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By Marquesa LaDawn
NNPA Columnist


Real Housewives of Atlanta: Strokes, Folks, Social Media…

Kim Zolciak had a mini-stroke…Wow, for a lady that gave birth to four children, including twins, in the last few years, dancing should be much easier. Not so much for Kim – she fell out. Here’s my take, based on watching her for years, she does not like a lot of hard work. Yes, she has six kids, but she she also has a lot of help. I remember RHOA episodes where she worked out and cut fat sprawled on a machine. I also recall her getting frustrated while rehearsing for her speaking tour on RHOA. Clearly, she loves the spotlight, but not physical work that often accompanies being at the center of the bullseye.

A couple of seasons ago, on DWTS, Lisa Vanderpump, another housewife, fell out during a rehearsal, and was accused of quitting in the most dramatic way. According to recent social media reports, Kim may be the latest reality star to “fake” an injury. She did post pics from her hospital bed that looked a bit staged. I’m torn frankly. I’m thinking it’s much more fun to dance than being in the hospital. However, we are talking about Kim. She’s allergic to hard work, especially if it’s physical in nature. After watching a few of her appearances on DWTS, she appears to suffer from extreme anxiety when it comes to learning a new routine. We’ll see how this shakes out, so to speak.

Also, in the RHOA world, we are on pins and needles about the updated cast. We know Nene Leakes is not returning, but what about Kenya Moore? I can’t lose her, too. We also know that child star, Kim Fields, is joining the ladies, I hope she’s willing to be transparent. Housewife to demotion to promotion, Porsha Williams, is returning, but she’d better give it good performance or she’ll be history. Claudia Jordan and Demetria McKinney are out! I will miss the realness of Claudia, but not much else. I think Sheree Whitfield, who is returning, will bring us that Claudia realness. But, we also need to see an actual life. Hopefully, the long absence, provided her a chance to be more open.

I saw Phaedra on Periscope recently having lunch with Star Jones. Ummm. What’s that about? I sense that we will see the lawyer Phaedra on the upcoming season; you know she likes to hide the pain. Since I’m talking about the RHOA, I’ve got to mention, Lisa Wu, who cut it up on season 2 of Hollywood Divas. The more I learn about Lisa, the more I like her. She’s authentic, cherishes her friendships to the core while keeping it real. Bottom line, it’s getting really interesting to watch RHOA’s musical chairs of cast members!

Before I officially close out RHOA, I must mention, the graduates doing their thang. Did you watch the second season of Hollywood Divas? It was RHOA-like? How is this possible? Both producers – Carlos King and Todd Tucker – come from RHOA. Lisa Wu brings the housewife magic. And I’m enjoying how Carlos King is molding himself into the Black Andy Cohen.

Mariah, leaves again…I’m not sure if she’s returning permanently, frankly speaking, she’s too broken. She appeared in about three episodes this season and consistently blamed the other ladies for her pain. She never took responsibility. I think the other ladies stopped caring a while ago – and it showed in the last episode.

Lisa Nicole Cloud, decided to focus on her family and business and let the other ladies dish it out without her. I wonder if she’s returning next season. Dr. Heavenly showed a raw and scary side this season, she lost control. Although entertaining, I’m sure she’s a bit embarrassed.

I think she needs to work on her personal skill set before trying to teach others. Just saying.’ We also got to see a more ruthless side of Toya, she’s got some anger in there for sure. She will need to look internally to see what’s really going on. The person I think is really shifting, is Dr. Simone. She was extremely angry, so much so, she identified why she still makes crazy choices. She’s still fun and crazy in an interesting way.

Wow, it started with an accusation on The Real Housewives of the OC and its turned into a hurricane. As I reported last week, the tide has turned and put the biggest bully of RHOC, in the hot seat. Vicki Gunvalson, is delusional and viewers are sick of it! She’s attacked so many housewives over the season and now she’s feeling attacked. Vicki does not understand, that this cancer situation with her love (now ex) is bigger than her. It’s about sending the right message when it comes to dealing with cancer. Vicki tells everyone to butt out of her biz, but she’s on a reality tv show. Dah! You can’t have it both ways, the money and fame without responsibility.


Marquesa LaDawn is a professional businesswoman who escapes the pressures of living in New York City by retreating into the real world of reality TV. Follow her on twitter @realityshowgirl, Periscope and subscribe to her podcast at


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