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By Marquesa LaDawn
NNPA Columnist


In the Braxtons’ world…I’m wondering why Traci is begging her very young son to not get married? Hear me out, I’m not saying he should be married, I agree he’s too young. I’m thinking, at the tender age of 16, what makes him think that he’s in a position to have a wife and possibly start a family. Oh, I know, he’s feeling entitled, no fault of his own. If your parents give you everything, they why should you work? Why should you earn, why do you need an education?

Yes, this is hard for celebrity parents or parents with deep pockets. They want to give their kids the world, but in the process they build this sense of entitlement leading to a lazy kid with no goals. Just saying… Heck, I grew up with a bit of entitlement but not based on money – just a whole lot of love and opportunity. I wouldn’t change my childhood for anything. I have to be real with you guys and admit I was spoiled and it spilled over into my adult life and caused havoc on my relationships. I learned how to earn everything but still had a bit of an entitlement ‘tude…Bottom line, Traci and hubby, need to slow down the money and easy income benefits and make him earn it.

One more thing about this Braxton’s episode….

Traci, finally had her moment. The moment that highlighted her as a real deal singer on her sister Toni Braxton’s stage! She prepared, she stayed focused and it paid off. It was nice seeing her sisters support her 100 percent. You could see the look in their faces in anticipation of her performance. They wanted her to be successful and shine. They seemed as nervous as Traci. Then she opened her mouth and magic happened.

Now, the ladies of Married to Medicine, entitlement is their first name. At least, for Quad, who is drinking theI think I’m successful juice,” all because of one opportunity. Don’t get me wrong, I like Quad and want success for her. In the same breathe, she needs help in the “being accountable” department. She take zero responsibility for any of her actions and then uses the ‘I’m a victim’ card.

Quad is being encouraged by her new best friend, Simone. Like Quad, Simone, took a sip of the “I want to be a star” juice. I love the new girl, the blonde lady, and how she speaks the truth. She’s a smart one and wants peace and when Quad buffed her desire to have a cool event with all the ladies, she called her dramatic. Quad could not handle it, the shoe fit too tight! I cant wait to see what happens next.

Although my girls in Atlanta are on break, buzz is everywhere. We are on pins and needles about the new cast of Real Housewives of Atlanta. News flash: Nene’s new Bravo show is nixed. She’s trying out other projects. Not surprised about her not continuing with the Bravo show. She can’t help but be perceived as a bad girl and I can tell she wants more opportunities and needs to shift her image to invite the offers.

Also, Claudia may be returning after all. I certainly hope so; she’s raw and honest and keeps things interesting. But, I’m most excited to see Kandi and Todd’s journey as new parents.

 In the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills news, Kim Richards is in real trouble. She’s finally revealing all her cards and drowning in the process. I’m glad to hear that her family may take extreme measures to get her help. Please? Please? We love Kim and we want her healthy!

On the other coast to the East, the Real Housewives of New Jersey is also making news.

Teresa is suing her bankruptcy attorney. Wow! She feels it’s his fault for her being in jail. Heck, we do not know if this is true, but we do know that Teresa hates accountability. It’s that entitlement thing again.

 On Real Housewives of New York, Sonya showed ’em. She stepped up and impressed. I was so proud of her. It’s not that the ladies did not support her, Sonya sends a zillion mixed messages that made her seem, scattered. We must also acknowledge that a lot of her responses and replies where cemented in her incredible life of privilege. This sent a message that she felt entitled, which turned off the other ladies. Even so, she finally saw her vision through and blew her fashion show out of the water. So happy for her.

I have one more quick mention, Big Brother. This is my summer addiction and it’s getting good. The Barbie and Ken of the house got separated by James and he did it in such a classy way! He has no fear.

So many shows, so little time!!!


Marquesa LaDawn is a professional businesswoman who escapes the pressures of living in New York City by retreating into the real world of reality TV. Follow me on twitter @realityshowgirl and subscribe to her podcast at http://www.RealitytvGirl.com.




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