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By Marquesa LaDawn
NNPA Columnist


In the Braxton’s world, things are looking up. After heated arguments, a reality check from King TD Jakes, some internal reflection, the sisters are getting along. But that doesn’t mean they are boring; they couldn’t be if they tried. Sister Traci finally spoke her peace and shared her need to be celebrated by her sisters. Boy oh boy, the sisters not only said yes and put their full support behind her, Toni (Queen Sister), offered her stage time. Yep, Traci, will appear in front of hundreds finally getting the spotlight she’s wanted for years. The question is: Can she bring it?

Tamar, unconsciously, offends, which causes others to disconnect. Heck, I can relate to that. I’ve made a conscious effort to think before I speak and my relationships are getting stronger than ever. As for Tamar, I can see her trying and improving. We’ll stay tuned!

Now, the ladies of Married to Medicine need serious internal reflection. My southern sistahs are still in the thick of craziness. Since the Lisa Nicole and Quad fight, things are getting worse. They are both talking to lawyers about next steps. Really? I guess it makes sense, I’m just confused by Quad thinking water being thrown at her in reaction to something she said gives her room for legal action. It’s like the Real Housewives of Atlanta reunion – Kenya versus Porsha, all over again!

Dr. Heavenly, a self-proclaimed relationship expert, is trying to help get us single women married off. She’s doing research to create a new dating app. As a single woman who desires marriage, I am not sure she can help us, I but appreciate the effort. I say that because she has a unique take on the woman’s role in a marriage. She feels women are meant to serve their husband 100 percent and maybe have their own goals eventually. Really? This takes us back centuries. I think we must serve each other’s needs, and create an equal partnership in marriage. Why should a woman sacrifice all of her dreams to ensure her partner dreams are realized?

One more thing that got my attention was Dr. Jackie’s mini boot camp. I have to say as a plus size sister who struggles with her weight, I’ve had mixed feeling about Dr. J, focusing so much in an area she cannot relate to on any level. She’s a gynecologist. She’s also naturally thin and cannot possibly understand the day-to-day struggle of a food addict. That being said, she’s trying to help get more people healthy and once we remove our personal feelings her efforts may just work.

A baby finallyno, not me, RHOA’s Kandi Burruss and husband Todd, are expecting! This is great news; they’ve been trying for a while and good news is welcomed . After the death of Todd’s mother and the negativity from Kandi’s mom from Day One, it’s great to see them expand their family.

Have you heard? Everyone is buzzing about the new cast of RHOA. This is important now that Nene is no longer a cast member. We heard last month that Claudia was gone, but that may not be true. We also heard that Porsha is coming back and Kim Fields is being added. It’s exciting to watch the magic behind the scenes. As long as the cast is interesting and fun, I’m in!

I have more news on Todd. Not only is he doing well personally, but professionally, he’s on fire! His reality show on TV One, “Hollywood Divas,” is killing it. I love this show since it premiered last year. The new season just kicked off and it’s better than ever. You have real stars like Elise Neal, Golden Brooks, Countess Vahn, etc. and they are riveting. This season started with the ladies trying to get their show, “The White Sisters,” sold to a major studio. The problem is, they are not communicating very well. Instead of coming up with a unified plan, they are all doing whatever, including making side deals, leading to a bunch of conflict.

What’s got me really glued to the set is the disagreement between Golden and Elise over a comment Elise made on a panel in response to a question. Elise was asked if she regrets not having children. Frankly, that’s a personal question, and puts her in an uncomfortable place. Do you know how many women out there, including me, wants a child? Elise responded with how she made a decision a long time ago that she wanted to go the traditional route and get married and then have a baby. Well, Golden felt offended.

She took Elise’s comment personally. Later in the episode, she mentioned to Elise, how she felt slighted as a single mother because she did not go the traditional route of husband before baby. Then, all hell broke lose. Elise responded by letting her know that she was merely replying to a direct question. I have to agree, who knew that Golden was so insecure? I get that she could be thrown off by Elise’s comment, but in the same breathe, if she knew her friend’s heart and spirit, she would not take it personally.


Marquesa LaDawn is a professional businesswoman who escapes the pressures of living in New York City by retreating into the real world of reality TV. Follow me on Twitter @realityshowgirl and subscribe to her podcast at


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