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Marquesa LaDawn

By Marquesa LaDawn
NNPA Columnist

It was opening night for NeNe on Broadway and not a RHOA was in sight. Not surprised! Still, it looks like she had a ball! From the Gossip Department, the shell may finally get cracked open revealing the source of Nene’s pain, which makes it difficult for her to connect with others long term. But, we love our Nene! With her new show with Kim Zolciak, and her rumored big raise, she’s alright.

I can’t say the same about housewives husband Apollo Nida. He shared with Peter and Cynthia that Phaedra refuses to let his kids visit. Based on this week episode, she does have a lot of excuses.

Peter is not shade free this week. He purchased another business again without talking to his life partner, Cynthia. She expected him to put his energy into re-opening Bar One. Let’s face it, he’s an entrepreneur with ADD.

We had more good news this week, Ms. Kenya debuted her pilot that she plans to shop to TV networks. It was wedding themed and the parts they showed were pretty interesting. I just hope the rumors aren’t true about her not paying her actors. On another note, it was nice seeing the ladies get along, if only for one night. No shading, no insults, just glam and fun! I think they are getting us ready for the biggest housewife reunion on the planet.

One more thing, Mama Joyce finally apologized to Todd, Kandi’s husband. It wasn’t heartfelt, but still big for Mama Joyce. Looks like next week we will have a chance to get the full story via another Kandi spinoff premiering. I’m so happy Bravo got smart and realized her spinoffs only work when the family is involved, especially the explosive Mama Joyce. I will be tuning in!

Not sure when Nene and Kim’s show will debut hopefully not right away – we can only take Atlanta in doses…

I have to say, my housewives in NYC are killing it (RHONY). These women are well, very New York, meaning short patience mixed in with a sense of entitlement. Let’s start with Ms. Emotional Hurricane herself, Ramona, I know she’s going thru a hard time healing from the failure of a 25-year marriage. But let’s be honest, she still out there and giving it to us big time after Bethenny’s arrival. In this week’s episode she had a breakthough moment with Luann of all people. The woman who lives in denial, finally acknowledged her marriage and the pain it’s caused her. My heart melted for her in that brief moment.

I felt bad for new NY housewife Dorinda, who wasn’t invited since she’s in a relationship; but her boyfriend showed up and got interrogated. Dorinda was extremely rude to him this week for little things, but next week, she will blow a gasket, just watch. I’m not feeling Dorinda right now. She shows a major sense of entitlement. For example, assuming a Black man was an employee and a handicapped man was homeless. Really? She started off kinda boring but I can see, she’s got issues, which means great TV.

As the episode progressed, Romana’s behavior was being discussed, I loved how the ladies excused Romana’s behavior but B said – I don’t want to deal with her.

B is sooo bold. She shut down Heather from talking about Romana. Why?

“I refuse to let this scene be about Ramona.”

Heather was on WWHL later that evening with a fake smile pasted to her face, you could see the disdain she had for B and others. This is going to be a great season.

Over in Beverly Hills, I know it’s over, but they showed a special “Secrets Revealed” episode.

I love Lisa V’s style. I was not surprised to see her beautiful Rolls Royce, with fur in the back seat. She picked up Kyle and headed to the mansion of Camille Grammer. It was fun seeing the housewives play tennis in their fancy clothes with Chanel tennis rackets. Oh the life…

It wasn’t all roses. We finally see Kim Richards confronting Lisa Rinna about her mean text. OMG, Lisa could not get a word in edgewise; Kim shut her down and blamed everything on her. But, this scene is now haunting Kim, Why? Lisa said in the scene, eventually you will have to take responsibility for your actions. Her words rang true when Kim got arrested last weekend.

I have to say Kim was not the only one to provide shock in this episode, Lisa Rinna did as well by admitting to posing nude in Playboy. After seeing some of the housewives look at the picture and giggle up a storm, I had to see. OMG, she showed it, in her words.

I will miss you ladies until you return next season.

I have some bad news and good news related about RHONJ. My girl Teresa is getting out two months early. The bad news? They are losing their beautiful home through foreclosure. Still waiting to see if Joe and the kids get their own show. Obviously, they could use the money.


Marquesa LaDawn is a professional businesswoman who escapes the pressures of living in New York City by retreating into the real world of reality TV. Follow me on twitter @realityshowgirl and subscribe to her podcast at http://www.RealitytvGirl.com.



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