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Help Decide Where Federal, State and Local Dollars Should Go in Our Community



The Measure W Working Group will help set allocation priorities for ongoing housing needs in West Marin.

County seeks volunteers to help recommend distributions for community needs

Courtesy of Marin County

It’s time to distribute federal, state and local money set aside for nonprofits and public agencies for various community purposes in Marin County. The County of Marin is looking for volunteers to participate in decision-making committees about who gets what for the greater good. Applications close Friday, Oct. 7, 2022.

The Marin County Community Development Agency (CDA) has opened the application period for its Countywide Priority Setting Committee and two groups that will make recommendations on how to use revenue from a West Marin Transient Occupancy Tax on short-term rental properties called Measure W.

The Priority Setting Committee (PSC)

The PSC oversees the distribution of federal and state funds to support affordable housing, community facilities and public services.

There are four openings on the PSC for community members representing the interests of historically marginalized communities including people with disabilities. This year, the openings are for community members from the following regions, including neighboring unincorporated areas of:

  • Larkspur, Corte Madera, Kentfield, and Greenbrae
  • Novato
  • San Rafael, including the Canal
  • West Marin, including the coastal and inland communities

Upon selection, committee member terms will go through Fall 2024. More information about this committee can be found in the recruitment announcement.

Measure W Working Group

Working Group Members can live and/or work in the Measure W tax area. The purpose of the Working Group is to evaluate current priorities in connection with ongoing housing needs in West Marin. These priorities include:

  • Rental support
  • New construction
  • Housing for seniors and people with disabilities
  • The Working Group comprises up to nine members. Upon selection, Working Group Member terms will go through Fall 2024.
  • Measure W Oversight Committee
  • Oversight Committee Members must live in the Measure W tax area.

The Oversight Committee reviews where Measure W tax dollars are going to make sure they are within the Measure W tax area and for the purposes approved by voters through Ordinance No. 3692, with half of funds for fire and emergency services, and the other half for community housing.

The Committee consists of five members. Members must live in the West Marin Tax Area and should possess working knowledge in subject areas beneficial to the work of the Committee.

More information about both Measure W committees can be found in the recruitment announcement

The Measure W geographic boundaries include all of coastal West Marin from Muir Beach to Dillon Beach and inland communities including Nicasio and the San Geronimo Valley. The taxes paid by vacationers amount to about $1.2 million each year, about half of which may be devoted to housing-related projects. West Marin has a severe shortage of affordable housing for its workforce.

Applications for the two Measure W committees are on CDA’s Measure W website, by emailing the CDA staff, or by calling (415) 473-6279. The application deadline is 4 p.m. Friday, Oct. 7.

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