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By Marquesa LaDawn
NNPA Columnist

This week was interesting because all of my favorites seem to have something in common. It was about the struggle of “playing nice with others.” But before I go there, I have talk about the biggest story in Reality TV. I don’t usually write about the Kardashians but I had to say something with it being a big story – Bruce becoming Caitlyn!

I love it! Bruce making this big decision changed the world, not to mention his life. The perception of a transgender person has shifted. We’ve all been educated. I do think he was the ideal person to take on this mission. Yes, I know he has a lot of kids and was a married man. I can only imagine the emotional confusion that his family is experiencing, that being said, being famous is a good thing and a bad thing.

I admire how Bruce put his feelings aside for so many years for his family. But, he’s right, he’s got to live for himself and that means as Caitlyn.

I think he chose well!

The ladies let it all out on RHOA via Kandi’s family ski vacation. I must say, the Tuckers and the “old ladies gang” are addictive. This week, Todd is fed up with the family blaming him for well everything. He’s tired of Kandi accepting their issues. It was refreshing seeing Todd express himself to his relatives and hearing them say, the ladies are crazy.

Todd goal was to clear the air, knowing Kandi, will pretend everything is fine. Of course, Mama Joyce had to step in and blab about nothing. I loved how Todd ignored her with such class and continued to have his say. In short, let’s be a family and enjoy one another. Awww!

Of course the peace could not last for too long. Kandi’s best friend and assistant (two words that should never go together), got put on blast. Carmen, though a great friend, is a lazy assistant, which became clear and after watching Todd’s assistant shin. Kandi had to say something and it hit Carmen hard. First off all, this can of worms got opened by Kandi’s daughter pointing out Carmen and the other assistant’s not so polite attitude towards Todd’s assistant. Everyone then headed to bed and it happened. Kandi visited her team’s rooms and shared her frustration about not doing a great job. They listened, frowned and finally accepted the challenge to do better. Next week, we’ll see how Carmen does as she tries to make things better with Mama Joyce. Talk about being between a rock and hard place.

Meanwhile, the RHONY ladies were truly in fine form. Dorinda, the newest housewife, is tired of defending her relationship to the ladies and told them to back off! As much I love these ladies, they are not the most objective and here’s why:


  • Ramona was in denial a long time about the state her marriage and now its over.
  • Kristin, now in her second season, was portrayed as a wife with an uneven marriage. In other words, not much of a voice.
  • Luanne is newly separated from her boyfriend and
  • Bethenny is dealing with one of the most public and bitter divorces in housewife history.


Bottom line: Dorinda and these ladies, have great advice for others – but not themselves.

Dorinda, also hosted her birthday party in her gorgeous home in the Berkshires. What a huge house, I liked everything but the decor. This week was especially entertaining with Bethenny a/k/a B arriving. Gosh, I love her so much, but I’m worried. I don’t think she’s capable of playing nice with other women. I’m no psychologist, but her troubled relationship with her mom seems to make it hard for her to get along with other women.

Blood, Sweat and Heels was very interesting ….

The villains from last season are under fire, sort of started by the newest villain, Chantelle. Frankly, Chantelle, is bold enough to say something. I read her blog this week and she hit the nail on the head. Demetria wants to control her friend Geneva by playing an emotional game of threatening to not let her share her wedding day. Now, Chantelle called her out on this and she runs. She can dish it out but not take it in. What’s shocking is Melissa’s big shift. She was buddies with one group and now seems to be tied to another that includes Demetria.

I feel bad for Daisy, she’s dealing with cancer and the drama from these ladies. She tries to share her story and they can’t pay attention. Especially, Demetria, who claims some of the other ladies did not act right during her book signing. Daisy tries to tell her that her actions hurt, but she shot them down and left. I have a feeling a situation will come preventing her from just leaving but facing the music.




Marquesa LaDawn is a professional businesswoman who escapes the pressures of living in New York City by retreating into the real world of reality TV. Follow me on twitter @realityshowgirl and subscribe to her podcast at http://www.RealitytvGirl.com.



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