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Marquesa LaDawn
By Marquesa LaDawn
NNPA Columnist


It’s jail time for another Real Housewife, this time in Beverly Hills (RHOBH).

After defending herself on several episodes and accusing the other housewives of ruining her reputation, the truth comes out. My girl, Kim Richards, needs help. Do you remember the fire in her eyes clearly seen during the three-part reunion?

Anger at Lisa Rinna for calling her out and saying she needs help.
Anger at Eileen and Lisa V. for saying she needs to take responsibility
Anger at her sister Kyle, for everything, especially for not defending her behavior.
Anger at pretty much everyone during the season, except Brandi, her new BFF.

Now, we hear Kim was arrested for public intoxication and hitting a cop. She didn’t just hit a cop, she has hit rock bottom. As much as I understand the entertainment value of her appearing on RHOBH, not to mention the checks, she needs to leave and heal. We’re praying for you Kim.

As for the other housewives, fresh off Part 3 of the reunion, the million dollar question is: Who should return next season. Here’s my take:

Lisa Rinna – although the fire came late, she’s hot now and knows how to keep us engaged.
Brandi – I think we have to admit she’s interestingly bad.
Kyle – she’s the heart of the show and she deserves some happy times. I enjoyed seeing her stick up for herself
Eileen – although she started off a bit boring, she became the voice of reason
Lisa V. – She was a bit quiet this season, but really spoke up during the reunion. Gotta love her style.
Kim R. – As I said, she needs time off to heal.
Yolanda – Ditto. She could use a break.
Camille – She is living it up these days, come on back!

Until next season, or the next arrest, bye, bye Beverly Hills Housewives; you had a great season!

In NYC, I’m so happy that “Queen B” Bethenny, the housewife famous for becoming a millionaire with her brain on reality TV is back. In the first episode we caught up with the ladies, especially Bethenny, as she searches for a new space post-divorce.
In the second episode, we got to see Bethenny connect with the ladies and it was as explosive as imagined. Ramona, although really nice in the first episode, became the “It’s my world and everybody’s living in it” lioness.

She started off by making sure she arrived after Bethenny. I guess she wanted to make an entrance. When she did come in, she arrived dressed a few years younger than normal. She accused her soon to be ex-husband of going thru a “mid-life crisis.” Clearly, he sin’t the only one. She made sure the conversation was about her and no one else. As soon as Bethenny invited the ladies out for brunch, Ramona responded with, no, you can’t do that, it’s improper to invite someone else’s guests out.

Sorry, I checked with the Book of Manners, they have to actually be your guest and not folks staying at your house out of convenience. This was not your trip or event, it was Luann’s. I loved that Andy Cohen showed a clip of Romana asking another housewife to have brunch with her during a previous season. Yes, someone else’s guest. We all know this was Romana’s way of saying, you may be a star Bethenny but I’m the star of the RHONY ship. Although I don’t agree, it will keep things interesting for us all season. Welcome ladies!

Nene still running away, this seems to be the “it” thing for the ladies of RHOA…

Early in the episode it seemed like Todd, Kandi’s new hubby, was “running away” again for business. Poor Kandi, she is officially worried that her new marriage has no legs. I think, he felt powerless during their engagement and is now happily distracted by his hit show on TVOne. To refresh your memory, Mama Joyce showed her disdain for him at every turn. She even let it be known that she would pay for any dirt anyone could find on
Todd. Complete disrespect by Mama Joyce towards him and his family, even on the day of the wedding. And Kandi was threatening to not marry him unless he signed a prenup. Although, I agree that was a smart move, but the way it was handled was wrong.

Here’s the good news – yes there is some – I follow Kandi on social media and she seems to be more comfortable in her marriage. I hope that it will last. On the other hand,
I’ve lost hope that Nene will actually listen to someone who questions her questionable behavior. She now runs away and that is exactly what happened in this scene. Claudia asked Nene why she left the therapy session and tried to compliment her for setting up the session. Of course, Nene took this as someone putting her down and reacted by getting defensive and storming out. Her sorority sisters, Porsha and Phaedra attempted to calm her and re-engage her, but no luck.

On “Watch What Happens Live,” we got to see Porsha and Phaedra again on the Nene cheerleader train. What made the episode interesting was Phaedra acknowledging not divorcing her imprisoned husband. We all know that she’s a smart lady and wants to make sure he cannot testify against her, so he will stay her husband. We’re in for a couple of more episodes before the traditionally unbelievable reunion.


Marquesa LaDawn is a professional businesswoman who escapes the pressures of living in New York City by retreating into the real world of reality TV. Follow me on twitter @realityshowgirl and subscribe to her podcast at http://www.RealitytvGirl.com.



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