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Pastor Alvin Bernstine Remembers Reverend Marvin Webb



Marvin Webb. Photo courtesy of Contra Costa County Supervisor John Gioia.

By Pastor Alvin Bernstine

The Reverend Marvin Webb represented the best of Richmond. He, in fact, embodied the best of Richmond and that’s how he showed up. Although my time with him was not long, it was long enough for him to share, and for me to see and conclude that Marvin Webb provided insight into the soul of Richmond. He was not born in Richmond, but he lived in Richmond, schooled in Richmond, played in Richmond, struggled in Richmond, fought in and for Richmond, worked in Richmond, worshiped in Richmond, and sadly, much too soon — died in Richmond.

I only met him 15 years ago. At the request of his former wife, Katrina, he joined the Bethlehem Missionary Baptist Church and became, for me, a genuinely loving and loyal brother. He brought so much into the world: curious intellect, incredible athleticism, healthy competitiveness, melodious musicality, business acumen — all complemented with a compassionate and worshipful heart.

Marvin knew the Richmond story. He knew its players, people, politics and possibilities. Whenever called upon for Richmond, he showed up. Whoever from Richmond needed him, he was there. He made Richmond proud when he was drafted and playing for the Los Angeles Dodgers. The world saw in Marvin that something good can come out of Richmond.

On Sept. 24, 7:30 a.m. at Franklin Canyon Golf Course people from Richmond, and vicinity, will show up for Reverend Marvin Webb. The Fifth Annual Marvin Webb — BMBC Golf Tournament will follow his spirit in having fun, healthy competition, and compassionately supporting Ya-Heema Healing Circle, an agency committed to bring healing to Richmond. To register/sponsor contact Franklin Canyon Golf Course (510) 799-6191 or DeWanda Joseph (510) 776-5443.

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