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By Marquesa LaDawn
NNPA Columnist


The crazy news never quits coming about Real Housewives of Atlanta (RHOA). Claudia was let go last month, Phaedra’s return is questionable and now Nene – the only original housewife left – has left the building.

Nene bid goodbye and says she’s ready for us to see her happy and doing new things. I think there’s more to it than that. During her last two seasons, the other cast members stood up to her and refused to let her win the war of words. Also, when she lost her BFF, Cynthia, she lost her support. Although we will miss her, in a way, she had already checked out.

I just hope she realizes that moving to another Bravo reality show still means facing her demons or moving away means showing some serious skills. I’m hearing the new RHOA cast will include one of my childhood favs – Kim Fields. I have mixed thoughts about that, although she played the feisty character, Regine, on her last long running TV project, “Living Single.” I’m not sure she can be interesting in real life. You see a Real Housewife has to be an interesting combination of boldness, uniqueness, vulnerability, shock value and a little bit of crazy rolled into one. Professional actors tend to come on the show thinking they can act their way through it, only to find themselves in unbelievable situations. We’ll see what happens with Kim.

There’s another show that I’ve been eyeing that has some of the high drama of RHOA. It’s also in Atlanta and called “Cutting it up in Atlanta.” It’s about salon owners and their personal dynamics with each other. I just heard one of the cast mates, was considered for RHOA but they passed on her and she’s now making waves on CIUA. On a scale of 1-10, I give it a 4 right now. It’s really heavy in the drama department, which makes for good TV for a short time before we are over it. Its like the ladies just arrived pissed off and ready to fight.

The Braxtons is catching fire. Granted, they had an advantage with a celebrity star, but if you’ve watched reality long enough, you know that all celebrities do not make great reality TV! Back to my girls, they are unpredictable as always. It’s interesting to see Toni Braxton on camera a lot this season. I’m thinking, when the reality show first started five years ago, Toni was in a bad place. She seems free after finally accepting the end of her marriage and not fearing becoming a has-been in the industry.

Now on to the good stuff…my girl Tracy is losing it. It’s so interesting that she will not tell her sisters what’s really wrong. For so long, she’s felt like a background sister, the least attractive and at times invisible. Starting last season she rebuilt her marriage and her career and now has a voice. She looks amazing! Yet, her sisters are hardly ever around to support her and that hurt. Add to the mix her 19 year old son getting married. Tracy, please say something! I think you will realize that your sisters will show up of you if you ask. So, ask!

On the Real Housewives of New York (RHONY), after arriving in Turks and Caicos and settling in last week into one heck of an island, the fireworks began. Ramona and Bethenny bonded like never before, over the pain of divorce. I’ve never seen Ramona so “real,” it was refreshing. Dorinda had a pep talk with Sonya about not standing up for herself and within minutes she became Hurricane Sonya.

Sonya confronted Ramona and Bethenny about being so mean. She yelled and screamed and told them to go somewhere. She then decided to just chill alone and not hang with them. Whoa! Now that Sonya is off the radar, they turn on one another. We see an argument start between Dorinda and Heather that will continue next week. Also, Bethenny decides to cook one of her amazing meals and mid way, some of the ladies decide to leave the house and go out to eat This continues next week… ooh it’s really good

Things also got interesting finally, for the Real Housewives of the OC (RHOOC), after a disagreement between Shannon and the newest housewife, Meghan. First of all, Shannon was rude twice toward newbie Meghan for no reason. But surprised when Meghan reacted by not inviting her to her party. Really? Shannon, you can’t be that delusional.


Marquesa LaDawn is a professional businesswoman who escapes the pressures of living in New York City by retreating into the real world of reality TV. Follow her on twitter @realityshowgirl and subscribe to her podcast at http://www.RealitytvGirl.com.



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