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Marquesa LaDawn

By Marquesa LaDawn
NNPA Columnist


Fireworks? Not really…if you are a newbie to the RHOA then yeah. If you know every character and story – no! Bravo did a great job with making it seem like we would really find out the root of Nene’s pain, and they delivered about 60 percent. Meaning, we know the backstory.

What we didn’t know was how deep it really hurt her that her mom gave up two of her children, including her. Nene exists in life with no closure and she lives that pain. I think it was smart to have Dr. Jeff in the house (my neighbor); he calmed her down even though she was still mad at him. He seemed over protective of her. I think his presence changed the tone of the reunion and may have possibly made it more interesting. Otherwise, it could have ended with closed off Nene.

Instead, she started shaking and tears starting falling and before we knew it, she was up and trying to get away – again. It was nice to see all of the ladies go to her side, even though Kandi and Claudia were reluctant. It was interesting to see Cynthia, the ex-friend, nearly run to Nene. It brought back memories. Kandi, had this expression that was kind of shocking, I think she’s fed up and has no patience for Nene. Next season Bravo will bring back Mama Joyce and we’ll see how sympathetic other housewives will be when she starts causing problems.

Kenya left me with mixed feelings. She did seem sincere about supporting Nene, but then you could tell that Kenya wanted equal sympathy for not having a relationship with her mom. I have empathy for Kenya, but Nene’s mom is deceased and Kenya’s mom is not, which means she still has a chance for a relationship.

So here’s the big question: Who should return next season (drum roll please): Kenya (she’s messy and always interesting), Claudia (her comebacks are classic), Phaedra (also messy, it would be nice to see her evolve into a better place, Cynthia (2.0 only), Kandi (she’s good TV as long as Todd or Mama Joyce is around), Porsha (not really sure), Nene (I think her time is over on that show, she needs to move on and focus on her new show. Bravo, bring on another new, spicy, good TV housewives for Atlanta, we’re waiting!

News Flash: Kenya’s new perfect man that she met on The Millionaire Matchmaker, is married to someone else!

Kenya’s drama does not end there. The outspoken actress, Janet Hubert, has smeared Kenya via social media for not paying her. Well, Kenya paid and Janet still talked badly about her. She also got criminal charges filed that cannot be dropped. Whoa, we’ll be watching this story.

RHOBH: Kim Richards is finally being held accountable. Lisa Rinna did say this would happen at some point … Kim has been charged and is facing prison time up to 3 years. I don’t think she’ll get prison time, but I hope she will get help and become the Kim we love.

RHONJ: Teresa had a mixed week. Pictures of her husband possibly on a date with another woman on TV (it looks innocent to me); Their two homes are on the auction block officially. But there’s some good news: Her lawyer says, she is healthier than ever and getting herself together; She’s signed on for another season of RHONJ and another show on Bravo featuring just her family. Teresa is a tough chick, she will be better than ever!

The Real Housewives of New York … Sonya (I’ve always thought she tries to be Samantha from Sex In the City – right?) Anyway, this was not her week. She planned a trip for Ramona to cheer her up and basically wind up cheering herself down. It started with some of the ladies meeting her at her NY townhouse and not being allowed to come in and wait. They had to wait in the foyer, for a while. There was no limo or Bethenny; They were pissed. Sonya should have just apologized but instead gave a ton of excuses.

They arrive in Atlantic City only for Sonya to go more downhill. She was still making excuses and telling crazy stories. She actually said that she hangs out with John F. Kennedy, Jr., she was reminded that he’s deceased. It’s like she’s living in this dream world and cannot get out. It makes her appear cra-cra and not all there. She’s such a sweet woman but needs some help.

The ladies tried to ignore her and enjoy the trip until she upset the wrong person. Ms. B, and you know our skinny girl, she has no filter. She told Sonya to stop it and wake up. Sonya was hurt and you could tell that B felt really bad, but the other ladies seemed relieved that someone said something.

The ladies felt pressured to take care of an intoxicated Sonya all night. It was funny to see Sonya wake up and seem like nothing happened. B did take her aside and apologize and sincerely try to reach her. But, Sonya, later said, via her blog and during the interview that B could not understand, they have different lives. Oh well, maybe someday. In the meantime, we’ll be entertained.


Marquesa LaDawn is a professional businesswoman who escapes the pressures of living in New York City by retreating into the real world of reality TV. Follow me on twitter @realityshowgirl and subscribe to her podcast at http://www.RealitytvGirl.com.



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