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Prayers That Make Men Better



Photo courtesy Y’Anad Burrell.

By Y’Anad Burrell

As Father’s Day is upon us, three Black clergymen have published a book of prayers that have worked for them as they navigated the many challenges of this thing we call LIFE.

In their book “Prayers That Make Men Better,” Rev. Johnnie Clark, Sr., affectionately known as Papa Clark, shares prayers that helped him overcome a 30-year heroin addiction.

His sons Bishop Keith L. Clark, general overseer of WORD A Family of Churches in Oakland, and Bishop Johnnie Clark, Jr., pastor of WORD Tracy Campus, both share prayers in this book that have helped them grow through the myriad of peaks and valleys that come with pastoral leadership, fatherhood and relationships.

Prayer has been a vibrant part of the Clark family heritage. The family has spent many years devoted to cultivating a prayer life that covers the physical, mental and spiritual health. “We’ve only been able to lead our families and communities through death, disappointment, depression and desperation because we have sought after God with our whole hearts, minds, bodies and souls.

“We looked at our combined 11 decades worth of personal and professional experiences in the communities we serve to compile a short list of effective prayers,” said Keith Clark.

In addition to being one of the authors of this book, Keith Clark, had a vision to create a unique space for men to be their authentic selves, where they can have transparent conversations among each other in a judgement-free zone.

With that in mind he designed a special Bible study every Tuesday in Oakland where all men are welcome to come and hang out and hear God’s word presented in a way that is interesting, intriguing and insightful.

At these sessions, men have shared how they have grown in areas that have held them back over the years.  Paul Brown, aka PO, who hosts the meetings at 8916 International Blvd., in Apt. C at 7 p.m., understands the importance of creating this space as his life has changed for the better and he wants other men to experience the change they desire for themselves, their families and friends.

Prayers That Make Men Better can be purchased on Amazon or at http://www.wordafc.org

The post Prayers That Make Men Better first appeared on Post News Group. This article originally appeared in Post News Group.


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