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Jayda Curry – God, Family, Hoop



UC Berkeley Athletics

By Y’Anad Burrell

The UC Berkeley Cal Bears Women’s Basketball team has a new fireball of energy and excellence by way of sophomore Jayda Curry. While she is a star basketball player, her motto is GOD, FAMILY, HOOP — in that order.
Jayda was born in Corona, California, and has played basketball since age four. Growing up, she would play golf with her father occasionally, but Jayda gravitated to basketball along with her sister Layla Curry, who plays for LMU. Jayda chose a unique academic track studying American Studies with an emphasis on Interdisciplinary Studies (ISF), where students choose the classes they would like, which can cross multiple disciplines.
Jayda shared that her priorities in life are consistent and have not changed even with her popularity as a star basketball player. Her faith in God keeps her grounded, and she has an extensive gospel song playlist on her phone and a routine of not listening to rap music before Noon every day. Instead, her music therapy playlist has many songs from several religious genres of music and a short list of her favorite artists: Marvin Sapp, Jessica Reedy, Jonathan McReynolds, Kirk Franklin and many others.
Athletes often have the challenge of balancing their mental health and sports careers, and Jayda found a balance through journaling, something she has done for a long time, well before entering college. Finding a healthy balance with academic success is often, as well, a challenge for athletes. Jayda attributes her success in this area to good time management. Staying tenacious about studying and completing school assignments while on the road with the team has become a habit that gives Jayda academic success while performing at a high level on the basketball court.
Jayda cherishes her love for family and shares how deep down she is truly a ‘kid at heart.’ A Lego wonderland moment and enjoy hanging out with family, teammates, and friends is the best for Jayda on any given day.
Jayda has many athletes that she admires. To name just a few, they are
Candice Parker, Sirena Williams, Gabi Douglas, Steph Curry, Damion Lillard and many more. It was no surprise to hear that she would like play for the WNBA one day, but succeeding in college is just as important to Jayda.
Jayda is well on her way to gracing the national stage while fulfilling her dreams and aspirations, given the path she has chosen and thus far managed well. Soon she may be another big name in basketball for other up and comers to admire.
But her fashion career is happening in real-time, not in Jayda’s future. She launched an apparel collection that can be found in Oakland stores and online at http://www.jaydacurry.com. Jayda’s collection will also be available in stores in her hometown of Corona.

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