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Vast Arts Video and Audio Multimedia Collection Now Available for K-12 Schools, Local Libraries



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By Jeff Barbosa, California State Library

Every public school student and teacher, as well as every Californian with a library card, can now access over 5,000 theatre, music and dance performance videos and audio performances and over 3,000 world music albums anytime they want, online at no charge through their school district and local library.

These video and audio recordings from the Alexander Street platform by ProQuest (part of Clarivate) are the latest addition to the online resources the California State Library provides to K-12 students and include performances from L.A. Theatre Works, The Royal Shakespeare Company, National Theatre, music from Smithsonian’s Folkways label, and video recordings chronicling music history and cultural change co-created by Grammy-Award winner Quincy Jones.

“This helps California put a capital A for Arts in the online STEAM resources we’re offering public school students and teachers – and every Californian with a library card,” said California State Librarian Greg Lucas.

The State Library and its partner, the Riverside County Office of Education, have provided online tools for academic success to California’s school students and their teachers at no cost to schools since 2018. Through September 2023, more than 482 million unique investigations and searches of those resources have occurred.

The Alexander Street collections include performances from California arts organizations and artists. Some examples:

  • Video performances from the Los Angeles Symphony and San Francisco Opera;
  • International dance recordings produced from Berkeley, CA;
  • Jazz performances video and international music audio recorded in California;
  • Lectures on acting technique from California-based professionals; and
  • Over 430 full-length audio plays produced by L.A. Theatre Works, featuring well-known actors from around the world.

California local library-card holders can access the resources online. Check the online resources section of your local library or ask a librarian. If the library hasn’t added the resources yet, encourage library staff to find out more by emailing

California’s Alexander Street arts collection from ProQuest includes:

Audio Collections:

Audio Drama: The L.A. Theatre Works Collection contains over 430 plays from the 19th, 20th and 21st centuries performed by leading actors from around the world, recorded specifically for online listening.

Music Online: Smithsonian Global Sound for Libraries provides a virtual encyclopedia of unique American folk, blues, soul, jazz, and protest songs, as well as a broad range of world music through partnership with Smithsonian Folkways Recordings. Video Collections:

Music Online: The Quest TV Collection, co-created by Quincy Jones & Reza Ackbaraly, offers valuable materials for music history and cultural studies through the preservation of diverse live performances, representing jazz, funk, soul, hip-hop, folk, indie, electronic, blues, and other eclectic world genres.

Dance Online: Dance in Video is a collection of performances, instructional materials, documentaries, and interviews, showcasing high-caliber performances from dance companies and performers worldwide, including traditional ballet to hip hop, street dance, and modern dance.

Broadway On Demand includes plays, musicals, and dance performances along with behind-the-scenes series, documentaries, instructional videos, and more.

National Theatre Collection provides contemporary video productions, modern reinterpretations of classic plays — all featuring acclaimed actors and directors along with behind-the-scenes archival content.

The Royal Shakespeare Company Collection contains high-definition recordings of top Shakespearean actors and directors, along with supplementary teaching materials designed to help bring Shakespeare to life in the modern age.

Theatre in Video offers access to hundreds of significant plays, documentaries, and instructional materials, as well as interviews with prominent directors, designers, writers, and actors, providing an authentic behind-the-scenes look at various productions.

Classical Music in Video provides influential performances and documentaries demonstrating the development of classical music, spanning eras from past masters to modern composers.

Opera in Video offers a wide curated selection of opera performances, featuring top artists, conductors, and venues.

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