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The Religion Corner: My Cup Runneth Over



Lyndia Grant

Lyndia Grant

by Lyndia Grant
Special to the NNPA from The Washington Informer

While watching the Oprah Winfrey Network recently, I witnessed Iyanla Vanzant work the “Help Desk,” a new show premiering on OWN this season. A young woman was complaining about her lifestyle. She was so busy doing for others; she had no time for herself. After hearing her story, Iyanla urged her to learn to say ‘No.’ She in no uncertain terms told the young woman that she needs to fill her own cup by taking time to rest and restore herself.

Psalm 23 says “He maketh me to lie down in green pastures … He restoreth my soul.” Maketh you to lie down means we are forced to stop and take time to rest, and that’s when our souls will be restored by our Heavenly Father.

When we are so busy we cannot hear His voice; we spin our wheels, going back and forth, not accomplishing much. We fail.

Iyanla reminded this lady that she must take the necessary time to heal her own life before she would have the abundance needed to help others.

In Psalm 23:5, it also says, “Thou preparest a table before me in the presence of mine enemies: thou anointest my head with oil; my cup runneth over.” Can’t you see how this all works? It’s written!

You can’t help somebody else when your own cup is on empty! Just take care of you, whether things are going well or not. Always stop and smell the roses. We are only like a vapor, here today and gone tomorrow.

When I take time out from my busy schedule to rest and enjoy this beautiful earth, walk along the beach while admiring God’s creations, as if the skies are touching the ocean, I always come away feeling refreshed! There is something miraculous about the water in the ocean – the salt, the minerals – a very relaxing atmosphere. We must take time out to allow the earth to replenish our bodies.

The scripture goes on to say that “He will anoint our heads with oil; my cup runneth over.” When we become anointed, our cups will be filled. The anointing will fill our cups and that’s when the overflow comes. Now, we’re able to help others.

Working from your anointed selves, now running over; you’ve been filled by His Holy Spirit from God. During your quiet time, He has done the miraculous. He made you lie down in green pastures; He restored your soul. We are ready when we follow this formula.

Take time to digest what David’s Psalm 23 is saying: stop rushing through life, not taking the time necessary for the Lord to restore your soul.

Back in the 1980s, as an entrepreneur, there were days when I couldn’t work; my cup was running over. My work was to hear from the Lord. Pen and paper became second nature to me. New ideas continued to pour into my spirit on how to help others. As I wrote every new thought down as given by the Lord, it was easy to get this list completed.

How many of you are allowing those thoughts to get away? Why? Simply because you’re not paying attention to what the Lord is saying to you. Be diligent, make a list as He gives it to you, and then get it done!

Finally, in the sixth verse, Psalm 23 says “Surely goodness and mercy shall follow me all the days of my life, and I will dwell in the house of the Lord forever. Amen.”

“The Sharecropper’s Daughter: It Doesn’t Matter Where You Begin, It’s Where You End That Counts!”, an inspirational memoir by author, inspirational and motivational speaker, radio talk show host and columnist Lyndia Grant, would make a great Christmas present. It is now available at Lyndia’s website, http://www.lyndiagrant.com. You can reach her at the website or at 202-518-3192. Tune in Fridays at 6 p.m. for her show, “Think on These Things” on WYCB 1340 AM, a Radio One station.


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