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Reel-ality TV Talk: Real Housewives Bonanza




By Marquesa LaDawn
NNPA Columnist


In the RHONY land, the “b” is back and I mean bada** chick, holding it down only the way she can. Funny one-liners, emotions befitting 20 women, firing questions at the pace of an auctioneer, strange conversations with strangers just, all wrapped up in a Bethany bow keeping us engaged at every turn!

Ramona Singer was the queen villain of RHONY and now she’s a bowl of tears. She’s broken and hopes to put herself together again. She’s on that mission while looking hot for a nearly 60 year old.

Her scene with Sonja was an amusing exchange of war stories for the divorced woman But there was only problem: one was freshly divorced and needed ears, not the mouth. Sonya is a walking contradiction. She boasts great business ideas, but with no results to show us. She cries over the pain of her divorce but in the same expresses her sexuality on par with Kim Cattrall’s character in “Sex and the City.” And we love every minute!

There’s a newbie on the scene who has not really engaged me yet. Don’t keep me waiting too long.

Luanne “the countess” is back full time and based on the premiere, ready to engage. She

seems to have a great rapport with most of the ladies and that means drama and jeers, rolled into one!

RHONY is ready to play ball again and that makes me happy as a New York City resident.


Meanwhile in RHOA land…

 The episode started with Ms. Kenya doing her Bo Derek impersonation by walking out the pool with water dripping from her body. She looked great except for the unnatural look of the rear (those rumors could be true).

The housewives then headed to the Philippines and met their butler upon arrival. It may be true that Nene was the center for tension of the group because I still miss her. Speaking of Nene, we see her trying on some really interesting costumes for her role on Broadway. They were nice in a non-fashionable way. I love Greg, Nene’s husband. He makes every scene because whatever he does, he’s magical – and funny!

Guess what? The years filled with pure anger and mean comments may have come to an end. Kenya and Phaedra are friends and are finally on good terms. The have extended clean slates to each other. This came after a heart to heart talk. The deal is that Phaedra does not have the room to hate on Kenya anymore and finally wanted a truce. Their meeting seemed sincere, and it was beautiful to see the pain being shared and washed away. Awe!

This is a good thing but I hope this does not cut into the entertainment, especially since Nene has moved on to her new show with Kim. The other housewives connected via a popular game, you know the kind where you share your secrets! We now know how truly “out there” Kandi, Claudia and Cynthia are!


In RHOBH land…

OMG! It was on fire this week! Reunion Part 2!  Let’s start with ladies refusing to let Brandi or Kim get away with “playing the victim.” Lisa Rinna was a hot potato, making sure she was heard and understood! Why didn’t we see this side of you during the season?

Kyle had her normal emotional but tougher demeanor this round, keeping her sister in check. Can we talk about Kim Richards? She makes no sense and she blames everyone for her reputation. She refuses to accept any responsibility, which is getting old quickly. I enjoyed how Elaine put her in her place a few times!

Big moments:

  • Brandi messing with Lisa about her Depends underwear commercials and Lisa fighting back by encouraging Brandi to go get Tampon endorsement. Jealousy, anyone?
  • Rinna challenging Kim to share a big secret about her husband.

– Brandi getting offended at every turn but not being able to take blows.

  • Eileen telling Brandi, to work on a creating a healthy relationship with her ex-husband’s wife, for the sake of the children. Of course, it fell on deaf ears.
  • Lisa R – Standing up for herself and refusing to “take it” anymore.
  • Brandi, missing everyone’s point.

All I needed was popcorn, it was that good! I cannot wait until Part 3.


In the RHONJ Land: Teresa Giudice report continues…

We may see the Giudice family on TV after all? Joe is in talks with Bravo for a show all about his life as Mr. Mom. Yeah! In the meantime, Teresa stays connected as much as possible via email and nightly 10-minute calls. She seems to be settling into prison, but refuses to take any calls from Andy Cohen, her Bravo boss. Not so smart, Teresa!


Marquesa LaDawn is a professional businesswoman who escapes the pressures of living in New York City by retreating into the real world of reality TV. Follow her on twitter @realityshowgirl and subscribe to her podcast at http://www.RealitytvGirl.com.



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