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OP-ED: Time to Vote for a New Governor

MILWAUKEE COURIER — After eight years of Scott Walker, special interests are doing great, but too many families are still left behind.



By Tony Evers, Candidate for Governor

Tony Evers

Tony Evers

When talking about the economy here in Wisconsin, we can’t just talk about the number of jobs, but also the quality of opportunities available to our workers and our families.

The truth is that while corporate profits soar, many Wisconsin families don’t earn enough to make ends meet even while they continue to face rising health care and housing costs. Families are left wondering why they aren’t seeing more opportunity for success. And they’re right to do so.

Right now, more than 800,000 Wisconsin families cannot afford basic necessities. Western Wisconsin led the nation in farm bankruptcies in 2017. And Wisconsin ranks dead last for new business startups, which are crucial for job creation and innovation.

After eight years of Scott Walker, special interests are doing great, but too many families are still left behind.

That’s why it’s time for a change in Wisconsin.

I’m running for Governor because I believe the best way to attract jobs to Wisconsin and raise wages is investing in our people by ensuring every child receives a quality public education, rebuilding our infrastructure, and ensuring our tax code works for middle class families.

My plan for Wisconsin’s economy starts with putting our kids first. Scott Walker began his time in office by cutting $800 million from public education, and our schools still haven’t recovered. Since 2011, over one million Wisconsinites have voted to raise their own property taxes because Scott Walker and the Republican legislature have not adequately funded our public schools. Critical classes are being cut and in many cases, the number of kids in our classrooms are growing. We can, and we must, do better.

As Governor and a lifelong educator, I’ll increase our investments in education, which includes starting kids off right with strong early childhood programs, fully funding K-12 public schools and returning to the Wisconsin idea that values higher education, research and a commitment to making our community a better place. And I’ll restore respect and professionalism towards all our hard-working educators.

We also need to make sure we rebuild our roads, bridges, ports and airports, which not only brings new businesses and industries to Wisconsin, but lead to more good paying Wisconsin jobs. Under Scott Walker, our roads rank 44th in the nation and communities are returning to gravel because they cannot afford asphalt. We’re borrowing so much money that my three-year-old grandson will be paying for our roads when he’s grown-up.

I’ll bring people together to focus on a bipartisan, sustainable solution to our transportation crisis. I’ll invest more in local road maintenance, increase funding for public transit, and ensure our highways and bridges are no longer a liability, but an asset for bringing new industries and businesses to Wisconsin. It is key for successful economic development–both in terms of drawing new businesses to Wisconsin, expanding existing businesses in Wisconsin, and creating good-paying Wisconsin jobs.

Finally, we have to make sure that our tax code works for everyone, not just those at the very top. For eight years Scott Walker has rewarded the wealthy and the special interests. That’s not fair. It’s time the middle class gets a break. As governor, I’ll cut income taxes for those making $100,000 or less and families making up to $150,000 by 10 percent. That’s real relief for 86 percent of tax filers in Wisconsin. This plan makes sure that our tax code puts our working families first and provides real relief for those who need it.

For too long Scott Walker has focused on the next election rather than the next generation.

We hear a lot about change in politics, but right now, what we need is a change in leadership.

By investing in Wisconsin families, we can attract quality, high paying jobs that will keep our economy moving forward.

As Governor, I promise to focus on solving problems, not picking fights. I will always put Wisconsin first.
That’s why I’m asking for your vote, so that we can build a stronger Wisconsin for all of us.

This article originally appeared in the Milwaukee Courier.


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