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COMMENTARY: Leeching Off the Ghetto

CHICAGO DEFENDER — As the many elections are currently underway, there is serious chatter about which political party has, for the most part, been good to Black people.



Carl West

By Carl West

As the many elections are currently underway, primarily the Illinois governor’s race, which will be followed by the citywide races like Aldermen and the mayor of Chicago, there is serious chatter about which political party has, for the most part, been good to Black people.

I know, I know, the discussion is always what’s in it for Black people? Yep, because of the current and past state of affairs that the Black community continues to find itself in, it’s still extremely crucial that Black people know exactly what’s in it for them–especially knowing the progressive benefactors of all things in America have not been heavily concentrated on the quality of Black life.

With that said, the two political parties have always treated poor communities like third class citizens– and that’s any race of people who find themselves in the poorer economic status in this country and globally. The poor are typically ignored, denounced and are only used for profit and gain from big corporations and the government. Therefore, the leeches who control this country like big box stores, the financial markets (banks, wall street), gouging educational institutions, and our trusted U.S. Government, present trinkets and programs that are only meant to keep people poor.

Now, if you can find your way out of poverty, damn good for you! But that’s a very small percentage of people, especially if they come from generational poverty.  The chances of them rising from the concrete jungles are rare, at best. But it doesn’t matter, because there are enough poor people in America (1.6 billion people globally live in extreme poverty, according to to be leeched off for capital gains.

See, rich people don’t buy an overabundance of Air Jordan’s, Kobe’s or LeBron’s sneakers. Only the poor attempt to deal with their hardship reality by buying simple things that they can’t afford but gives them immediate gratification. And when I say can’t afford, I don’t mean they don’t have the money for it. Clearly they have the money if they’re making the purchase–nobody is giving it to them for FREE! See, what happens with the poor is that the most important things they truly need (education, tutoring, insurance, etc.) for long-term gains are sacrificed. They don’t see these things as valid investments for their “right now” survival.

They’re so not used to having the basics (quality education, affordable and decent housing, etc.) so when they can have a few trinkets ($200 gym shoes, every cable channel), they will afford themselves those simple priced-out luxuries. And the leeches of big businesses will pimp every dollar from them. The U.S. Government is the main co-conspirator. They provide subsidized handouts to poor and uneducated people, whom they know will immediately deliver their limited funds right back into their partnered corporations’ slimy hands. And these companies are bipartisan. The leeching system is orchestrated by both political parties, equally.

Ghettos of America are the new and cheap reality shows. We’ve seen them. They don’t appeal to the intellectual part of our brain. And they don’t appeal to rich people even though most of the programs are set in wealthy environments, for example, Housewives of Celebrities or Sports Stars. The backdrop of these shows presents wealth. But remember, most of our modern-day athletes and entertainers came from impoverished situations, so the celebrated women and men in these television programs appeal to the true ghetto person at heart.

This is what these leeches know! Therefore, they feed off poor people’s need to dream and see themselves living “champagne wishes and caviar dreams.” Remember the name of the man who hosted that extremely popular program – Robin LEACH! (LOL). Go figure! God rest his soul.

Carl D. West is the CEO/Publisher of TBTNews and founder of the TRUTH 4 Literacy Foundation, Leadership Luncheon, Legend and Pioneer Awards, all powered by Midwest Gap Enterprise.

This article originally appeared in the Chicago Defender


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