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Cloud-based software eliminate the middleman in credit repair

CHICAGO CRUSADER — Credit Dispute Cloud, LLC is an entirely new model of “credit repair” that empowers individuals to get a handle on, repair and maintain good credit.



By Chicago Crusader

Credit Dispute Cloud, LLC is an entirely new model of “credit repair” that empowers individuals to get a handle on, repair and maintain good credit—without an intermediary and hefty fees. To the millions of Americans who are in debt and having increasing difficulty paying their bills, Credit Dispute Cloud is an on-time solution. Set up is quick and easy. Individuals can begin their journey to better credit for as low as $75 at CreditDisputeCloud.com.

Quintel Sumrall

Quintel Sumrall

With 24-hour, secure access, and an easy-four step process, Credit Dispute Cloud helps clients repair credit scores with each of the three credit-reporting bureaus. The software has over 100 custom dispute letters developed by experienced attorneys built into the platform—enabling clients to find the perfect template for their scenario.

“When someone takes their credit situation into their own hands with a goal of educating themselves, repairing their credit and then maintaining good credit, it’s the best scenario. When you put in the work, you’re less likely to let things slip again. It’s really about establishing healthy financial habits,” states Quintel Sumrall, the Founder and CEO of Credit Dispute Cloud.

In a society where 86% of Americans say they’re broke or have been broke—whether due to divorce, student loan debt, job loss, medical expenses or overspending, Americans struggle with maintaining good credit and many are turning either to bankruptcy or credit repair services to help get them back on track.

Credit Dispute Cloud is an empowering solution that enables individuals to improve their credit without incurring the long-term, damaging impact that bankruptcy has on one’s credit.  Credit Dispute Cloud walks you through the process step-by-step and equips and puts the power in your hands. The first cloud-based solution for consumers, Credit Dispute Cloud’s software is continually updated, so clients never have to worry about outdated software and never need to purchase and install software upgrades.

“Credit Dispute Cloud actually works, states shares Jerry Shults, CDC client and CEO of Capitol Home Health. “I came with a credit score of 550 and now my credit score is 676 after only 6 months. My interest rate is new on my new car!”

This article originally appeared in the Chicago Crusader


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