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California Legislative Black Caucus Endorses Sandré R Swanson for State Senate



Former Assemblymember Sandré Swanson speaking at the California Legislative Black Caucus press conference strongly opposing the Supreme Court’s affirmative action decision this year. Photo by CJones

Assemblymember Lori Wilson, Chair of the California Legislative Black Caucus (CLBC) said this week that her Caucus “is proud to endorse the candidacy of Sandré R Swanson for California 7th Senate District.” The CLBC is a powerful Caucus today with twelve members, additionally, three members serve as Constitutional California Office holders. Chair Wilson continued, “We are hopeful to continue to grow our representation with African-American members like former Assemblymember Swanson. The communities in the 7th District need his strong voice in Sacramento.” If elected, Sandré R. Swanson would be the only African American in the State Senate from Northern California.


The California Legislative Black Caucus (CLBC) was formed in 1967 under the leadership of Senator Mervyn Dymally, coming together to address the social and economic justice concerns of African Americans and other citizens of color. Assemblymember Swanson, during his three terms in the California Legislature, served as Chair of the CLBC and Chair of the Assembly Labor and Employment Committee.


Former Assemblymember Swanson said, “Having the California Legislative Black Caucus and its influential Members joining our campaign is a tremendous boost and adds significant viability and support to our campaign. Our campaign continues to gain momentum and remains committed to our efforts to end the crime wave that is victimizing innocent citizens and to humanitarian solutions that will end our crisis of homeless encampments. To join our campaign please visit http://www.sandreswanson.net.”

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