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Unlocking Kingdom Authority and Power Within You



Rev. Manson B. Johnson

by Rev. Manson B. Johnson
Special to the NNPA from the Houston Forward Times

Matthew 16:19-21

Lesson #10

Bible Fact: Jesus expects all of His disciples to demonstrate the authority and power of His kingdom as a witness to a weak and wicked world.

The Big Idea: To get Christian disciples to surrender their faith beyond the traditional to be offered the opportunity to engage with God without restrictions to do miraculous works that represent God.

General Mark Clark was one of the great heroes of WWII. He led the Salerno invasion that Winston Churchill said was “the most daring amphibious operation we have launched, or which, I think, has ever been launched on a similar scale in war.” At the time Clark was promoted to Lt. General, he was the youngest man of that rank in the U.S. Army. He graduated from West Point in 1917. At the top of his class? Nope. He was 111th from the top in a class of 139!

Even if you never earned a college degree, don’t worry, you’re in good company. Irving Berlin, for instance, only had two years of formal schooling. He never learned how to read music. When he composed his songs, he would hum the melody and a musical secretary would write down the notes. He became one of the greatest songwriters the country has ever known. —Bits and Pieces, December 13, 1990.

The keys to your success are not always outside but inside of the potential within you. Each of us should search for ways to unlock those hidden potentials within. Let the Holy Spirit show you the keys to better living and making your life dreams come true.

  1. The SOUL ONLY is the lone citizen that lives in the kingdom of heaven.
    1. On the Cross Jesus suffered for me
    2. In me Jesus saves me
    3. Around me Jesus secures me
    4. By my side Jesus sustains me
    5. For me Jesus sanctifies me
  2. 7 Keys to unlock kingdom authority and power within you:
    1. Love God
    2. Manifest your love of God daily in practice (not just on Sundays)
      1. Four ways to manifest your love for God within you:
    3. Implement God’s word within you
      1. Five ways that God’s word forms power within you:
    4. Have faith in God and demonstrate works that please God.
      1. Three ways to have faith in God:
        1. Let your tongue be used to glorify God; Proverbs 10:20; 12:18; 15:2,4 18:21; James 3:5-8
        2. Let your mind be filled with the mind of the spirit of God; Psalm 37:4; Isaiah 26:3,4; Mark 12:30; Romans 12:2; 15:6; Philippians 2:5
        3. Let your will wholeheartedly trust in God for the outcome of life. Deuteronomy 6:4-6; Luke 10:27a; II Corinthians 8:5-12


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