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OPINION: Mayor Sheng Thao’s Decision to Fire Police Chief Difficult but Necessary



Jose Dorado

By Jose Dorado and Mariano Contreras

After a 30-day suspension and the inaction of the empowered Police Commission, Oakland Mayor Sheng Thao made the difficult but necessary determination to administer discipline for the complicit cover-up actions of the chief of police.

The Latino Task Force supports Thao’s decision to fire Oakland Police Chief LeRonne Armstrong. All Oakland Police Department sworn officers who participated in concealing facts should receive similar discipline. Further, those officers who refused to engage in the cover-up should be recognized and commended.

Decades of cover-ups and no accountability in OPD were rampant before the Riders case gave way to the now 20-year-old consent decree. By firing the chief, Thao sent a clear message that the deep-seated blue wall of cover-up will no longer be tolerated in Oakland.

Thao displayed authentic leadership by weighing the implications and impact that police misconduct and untruthfulness have on all Oakland residents. Bold and necessary decisions are generally opposed by a few, while positively affecting many.

Only with accountability and resolute leadership can we achieve constitutional policing in Oakland. Just as important, the community’s involvement and oversight are necessary to ensure fair and sustainable policing.

Direct community involvement demanding OPD accountability and supporting the tough decisions necessary to achieve this must be emphasized.

The Latino Task Force unequivocally supports the mayor’s decision.

Jose Dorado and Mariano Contreras are members of the Latino Task Force.

The post OPINION: Mayor Sheng Thao’s Decision to Fire Police Chief Difficult but Necessary first appeared on Post News Group. This article originally appeared in Post News Group.


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