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Oakland Chaplains Respond to Need to Reduce Violence and Killings



Left to right: Rev. M. McConn, Pastor M. McConn Gilmore, Minister Candi Thornton (backrow), Minister Kevin Holden, pastor Anthony Grayson Dr. Kathy Logan (Bk), Bishop James Williams, Bishop Terrence Millican (Bk), Minister Knuckles, Rev a Hicks Bk roe, Rev Ora Hicks, Pastor Phyllis Scott, Oakland Chief of Police LeRonne Armstrong, Rev Marilyn Harris.

By Post Staff

The Oakland Chaplaincy Program founded by Pastor Phyllis Scott, President of the Pastors of Oakland graduated 13 more chaplains on Oct. 8, with Oakland Police Chief Lerone Armstrong in attendance to endorse and welcome their efforts to help bring peace to Oakland streets. Armstrong applauded the Chaplains whose mission is to serve the community by ministering and consoling victims of violence and their families. Pastor Scott said their emphasis is not just to respond to the incidences of violence, but also to proactively participate in outreach activities and education sessions in partnership with community-based organizations, faith-based groups, youth anti-violence activists to advocate for solutions around livable-wage employment opportunities, affordable housing and the assistance to help residents transition from homelessness to more dignity.

Pastor Scott has met with law enforcement officials, formerly Incarcerated groups, social service representatives and various job development non-profit organizations to gather their ideas and input for a city-wide summit to work to support solutions focused on stopping the killings.

“Our chaplains will focus on bringing solutions, healing and hope in our communities with leaders of our community that seek solutions. We stand in agreement with community activists that seek solutions. We believe that we are better together,” said Pastor Scott.

“We are pleased that our political leaders and candidates for office are joining with us to seek solutions and we invite any person or group that wants to work for peace on our streets through economic and housing solutions to join the formerly incarcerated groups who want to educate our youth about the penalties that lead to incarceration and the potential loss of life. By developing jobs and housing, we can find hope for our community,” said Pastor Scott.

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