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Is CES The New Auto Show? AutoNetwork Reports 390



Is CES The New Auto Show? AutoNetwork Reports 390
Join in as we discuss news from CES and review cars recently driven. Car Reviews of what we are driving this week. We help you better understand and appreciate your dream car. Find out why we would buy the new car or not.
Join our panel of influencers as we review new cars and discuss the latest auto news.
Car Reviews: Visit the website of the panelists for full reviews. Greg – Mazda CX-5 Signature
Dawn – Nissan Z
Chris – MB Metris Cargo Van
Teia – Kia Telluride
Dave – Tundra Capstone
Me – AMG SL 63 Roadster
Show Panelists: Frank Washington – AboutThatCar.com
Greg Morrison – http://www.bumper2bumpertv.com
Chris Lawrence – Autoacademics.com
David Boldt – TxGarage.com
Valerie Menard – LatinoTrafficReports.com
The auto talk show, #AutoNetwork Reports, is Live on YouTube weekly Wednesday from 10:00 am ET – 10:30 am ET. where auto influencers discuss the week’s latest automotive news.
Visit http://autonetwork.com for more shows. Find out why they would buy the vehicle or not.
Join our panel of auto journalists and influencers as we discuss this and simplify the latest auto industry news to help you appreciate the auto industry business.

Roosevelt Gist, President


Roosevelt sold cars, leased autos and wrote numerous articles on buying, leasing and financing autos for several African American Newspapers. AutoNetwork.com began in 1986 as a car buying service for credit unions in D.C., Maryland and Virginia. AutoNetwork.com evolved over the years to the largest and most focused website for video of car company new product introductions, live weekly auto talk show and detailed video walk arounds of new cars.  Roosevelt conducted last interview of JFK, Jr. on camera before his untimely death. 

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