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COMMENTARY: Poor People’s Campaign

SAN FRANCISCO BAY VIEW — The Poor People’s Campaign is all about the oppressed citizens of this nation



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by Mutope Duguma

The Poor People’s Campaign is all about the oppressed citizens of this nation – making the connection between the working proletariat and the lumpen proletariat. This will close the gap between the working poor and the non-working poor, who share common interests, such as affordable housing, affordable health care, adequate educational institutions, adequate wages that provide a standard of living that’s suitable for a human being.

Once we bring the lower class together by successfully campaigning around our shared human rights, then we can bring an end to such exploitations as mass incarceration, the death penalty, homelessness and poverty. Many social ills stem from these poverty stricken communities, where so many people are living “half butchered lives” [George Jackson in “Blood in My Eye” – ed.] due to their unfortunate living conditions, where poverty has taken control of their lives.

We have to understand that we may be poor, but we are far from lazy or ignorant! We’re poor because the Amerikan government has sold this country to corporate Amerika. Today, private owners own just about everything in Amerika, including us.

The me-too movement has lately shined light on mostly well to do women and how these rich men who are CEOs of major corporations were using their positions of power to sexually molest as well as exploit these women. Their stories speak to the monsters that are in control of Amerika’s wealth.

From their place at the helm of corporate institutions, they have been able to coalesce the wealth of Amerika, which makes them feel invincible. The United States government has a deficit of almost $28 trillion, which means that the Amerikan people are broke!

In Los Angeles, San Francisco and cities all over Amerika, where corporate Amerika is taking poor people’s communities by economic force, where they are raising rent higher than the people’s income in order to force them out of communities they’ve been living in their whole lives.

The people moving into these communities are financially stable Amerikans. Sadly, the people being forced out are the real laborers of this nation.

We have to wage the Poor People’s Campaign in order to stop this ridiculous coalescing of Amerika’s wealth that leaves the Amerikan people at the mercy of these corporations and private owners who have control of the social, cultural, political and economic structure of Amerika. We, the people, are literally being told time after time how we should interact socially, which is usually in conflict with one another, and in a lifestyle or culture that’s counterproductive to a civilized people.

We must dismantle a political system that uses policies that devastate the lives of the people, and an economic system that feeds on the poor people of this nation. We have to take control of our lives, by rejecting the powers that be and demanding that our lives be valued, not only by us, but by the powers that be.

Our Poor People’s Campaign must challenge the injustices that plague the poor people of Amerika. We can wage this campaign.


Send our brother some love and light: Mutope Duguma (James Crawford), D-05996, Calipatria SP B2-C-242, P.O. Box 5005, Calipatria, CA 92233.

This article originally appeared in the San Francisco Bay View


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