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Top Black-Owned Businesses to Support in 2019: Celebrating Black Culture is a Year-Round Affair.

JACKSONVILLE FREE PRESS — Check out these top black-owned businesses to support in 2019 that are the epitome of excellence.



Photo by: Artem Bali | Pexels.com

By The Jacksonville Free Press

Check out these top black-owned businesses to support in 2019 that are the epitome of excellence.

The number of black-owned businesses in America continues to increase year after year, and while there’s abundance of businesses, consumers often have a difficult time tracking them down. We’re here to change that. Check out these top black-owned businesses to support in 2019.

Apparel & Accessories

  • Green Box Shop
    This clothing store focuses on social justice. It has gained attention from a few different celebrities, including Frank Ocean and Zendaya.
  • Talley and Twine
    Talley and Twine features high-quality, detailed, and aesthetically-pleasing wristwatches that are affordable and unlike anything else on the market.
  • Kashmir VIII
    Known mainly for her clothing, artist Kashmir Thompson uses her talent to create black pop-culture-inspired products.
  • Melanie Marie
    Melanie Marine is a custom jewelry company that specializes in original pieces. It’s also an entrepreneur consulting company that has created a network for other aspiring business owners.
  • Nubian Skin
    Filling a gap in the lingerie market, Nubian Skin creates products that match the skin tones of colored women everywhere.
  • Love, Cortnie
    Founder and owner Cortnie uses her sewing skills to create clutches in hundreds of different styles.

Personal Care

  • Kreyòl Essence
    Kreyòl Essence produces an environmentally-friendly skin and hair product line that uses all-natural ingredients found in Haiti.
  • Cocotique
    This isn’t just another beauty box subscription service—it’s a beauty box subscription service that’s geared toward women of color. The beauty and lifestyle products in each box celebrate women of diverse ethnicities.
  • Temple Zen Organic Skincare
    Temple Zen produces bath and body skincare products that soothe and heal skin from the damages that come with everyday life.
  • Alaffia
    Offering a variety of eco-friendly personal care products, Alaffia uses their profits to support underserved communities in West Africa.

Food & Drink

  • Cory’s Cookies
    Started by six-year-old Cory Neives, Mr. Cory bakes high-quality cookies that are made from all-natural ingredients.
  • Cami Cakes
    Another baked goods business, Cami Cakes uses fresh ingredients to make cupcakes, layer cakes, and ice cream in a wide range of flavors.
  • Me & the Bees Lemonade
    Thirteen-year-old Mikaila created this company that produces lemonade formulated from flaxseed and locally sourced honey. A portion of the profits are given to organizations that fight to save the honey bees.

These black-owned businesses are innovating industries all over the globe, and they’re also encouraging others to embrace entrepreneurship. To check out any of the listed top black-owned businesses to support in 2019, click on their respective titles. If you’re on the fence about becoming a church backdrops vendor or opening a comic book store and coffeehouse hybrid, we hope you find some inspiration within this list. For an even wider selection of black-owned businesses, check out We Buy Black—a great source that consistently updates their list of businesses.

This article originally appeared in the Jacksonville Free Press


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