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This is Why Republicans Need to Stop Hating on Trump



By Raynard Jackson (NNPA News Wire Columnist)

Any member of an organization that truly cares about the group will not hesitate to hold the leadership accountable for the group’s actions, if they deem them to be inconsistent with the mission of the group. This is because they want to see the group succeed in fulfilling its mission.

Many in the Republican Party have criticized Trump’s campaign, not because they want Trump to win, but because “they” don’t want to lose.

They don’t want to lose their “power.” They want to be re-elected to their various congressional and gubernatorial offices strictly for the sake of having power, not because they want to pursue a specific agenda.

We, the voters, have put Republicans in office, but it seems as though before their hand is removed from the Bible, they are giving President Obama everything he wants including funding for Syrian refugees, Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP), amnesty for illegals, entitlements for homosexuals, increased budget deficits, etc.

So when people like me criticize our party we are told that we are “not being good Republicans.” I have no idea what that means.

If we didn’t give a damn about our party, then we would most assuredly remain silent out of a sheer sense of apathy. But, like a concerned parent, because we do care we are compelled to speak out when we see our party losing its way.

So I find it kind of frustrating when Republicans constantly criticize the candidacy of Donald Trump. The people who are most vocal in their opposition to Trump have never used this same type of energy to criticize Hillary Clinton or Barak Obama.

To have so many Republicans actively embrace Hillary Clinton is mind-blowing. Those who have accused me of being too critical of the party all of a sudden have laryngitis when it comes to those who have endorsed Clinton.

I challenge my readers to compare me with those who have endorsed Clinton and been held up as moral heroes of the party.

All of us have impeccable party credentials. We all have proven track records of being “good Republicans.” I will allow you, the reader, to figure out the only difference between them and me. This should be rather obvious and not too hard to figure out.

So, I challenge Trump, and especially his transition team, to put a simple litmus test on anyone who wants to serve on the transition committee and a future Trump administration.

Every person who wants to be on the Trump transition team should be required to publically endorse and support the Trump campaign. If they are not willing to do so, they should be barred from serving in any capacity.

The liberal media is practically throwing money at anyone who is Republican and will to talk badly about Trump. All of a sudden Black Republicans are in great demand on CNN and MSNBC, but only for those who will savagely criticize Trump and all things Republican.

The ironic thing about all these Black Republicans, who have suddenly been filled with righteous indignation over Trump, is that they have not lifted their voice one iota about the lack of Black staffers in congressional offices and throughout the Republican Party.

These Black Republicans who are bashing Trump rarely help Black college students get an internship on Capitol Hill. They have little to no relationship with the Black community. In other words, they had laryngitis during the past decades of the party simply ignoring Blacks; but Trump, who has utilized more Blacks in key positions than the sum of the sixteen candidates he beat during the primary, they want to get rid of.

One criticism I will lay on Trump is that he has hired more Black Democrats than Black Republicans and that I have a major problem with. But, again, where are these Black Republican puppets on CNN and MSNBC on issues like this?

They are getting their thirty pieces of silver and are neither concerned with the greater good of the party nor our community.

Very few of these Black Republicans even acknowledged the RNC’s recent move to hire Shannon Reeves as a consultant.

In the words of “Pookie an’ dem,” Shannon is a real OG (original gangsta). For the uninitiated, he is an experienced pro who knows what the hell he is doing and has street cred. Most of these jokers on TV have no idea who he is.

Reeves was the former National Director of State and Local Development for the Republican National Committee (RNC). He is a lifelong member of the Church of God In Christ (COGIC). He is the only person ever to serve simultaneously as an elected NAACP President and an elected officer of the California Republican Party.

Reeves is one of the smartest political operators in the country, bar none. He will be creating a national database of Blacks that will be used for future elections. Reeves is the gold standard by which all future hires must measure up to.

Raynard Jackson is founder and chairman of Black Americans for a Better Future (BAFBF), a federally registered 527 Super PAC established to get more Blacks involved in the Republican Party. BAFBF focuses on the Black entrepreneur. For more information about BAFBF, visit http://www.bafbf.org. You can follow Raynard on Twitter @Raynard1223.

Freddie Allen is the Editor-In-Chief of the NNPA Newswire and BlackPressUSA.com. Focused on Black people stuff, positively. You should follow Freddie on Twitter and Instagram @freddieallenjr.


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