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Raise Your Expectations of Yourself




By Willie Jolley
NNPA Columnist


Michael Beckwith started a unique community in 1986 when he founded the Agape International Spiritual Center in Los Angeles. In this diverse spiritual and racial community Beckwith ministers to thousands weekly, locally and globally onsite and through live video streaming.

Beckwith had a “spiritual awakening” while attending the University of Southern California, after surviving a violent attack, where he was stabbed in the heart. This began his study of universal spiritual principles, leading to an advanced degree in theology.

He worked at “overcoming himself.” That is, not wanting to be a public figure, so that he could share messages with the world that God had given him. That was more than 30 years ago.

The world now knows Michael Beckwith because of the movie, “The Secret” and the book that followed. His worldwide ministry helps people focus on the nature of their reality and what’s possible for their lives. You can find his various programs and resources at AgapeLive.com.

People will actually fly in for his church services, spend the weekend, and then fly back home. During my SiriusXM interview, I asked Michael for the essence of his message and why he draws such huge audiences to his church and related programs. His answer, “I help people start to see the world differently and create a world of limitless possibilities for their lives.”

I asked, “And how do you do that?”

His reply: “Affirmations, reading the Word and fellowshipping with high-minded people.”

Michael Beckwith reminds us that God created the world out of fullness and joy. We must wake up with a mindset of gratitude and create from the ideas that God has given us.

We must be game changers and become the unique beings God has called us to be. Remember, each of us is a unique expression of God. Out of “no thing” we can create something, because of our attitude of gratitude.

No one can determine our destiny but us…not politicians, not the government, not your family, not your friends!

Even if there is a recession, you must be resourceful!

We are not here to live pointless, carefree lives. God gives us challenges, which we can choose to see as a call for us to “let go of something or grow something new.” With every challenge we should ask ourselves, “What can I let go of that no longer serves me?”

Be participants, not just anticipants in your own life. Keep on being grateful and God will give you something to be grateful for.” God wants us to be prosperous so we can give great gifts to the world.

Look at what you have already. Teach your mind to look for possibilities. Don’t let your mind be clouded by what you don’t have. Move into the space of positive thinking.

Michael Beckwith says, we have a mandate to be healthy, wealth and wise. Here are key take-a-ways from our conversation:

1. Your parents told you“…if you keep crying, I’ll give you something to cry about!” but God says, if you keep being grateful, He will give you something to be grateful for! So make a commitment to always be grateful.
2. We have infinite possibilities if we can just learn to believe and live in the presence and power of God.
3. We have the seeds for success in us; it is a gift from God. The world did not give it to us, so the world cannot take it away.
4. Most people do not realize the power and possibilities that God has placed inside of them, so they live below their possibilities.
5. Let Go and Get God…let go of the weights that hold you down and get ready to sail with your full power!
6. Don’t just anticipate a better life; participate in making your life better.  God will do His part, and you can do your part to make it happen sooner!
7. Don’t be afraid of the challenges of life. It is through the challenges that we grow, stretch and become better.
8. Recession means that we are to become more resourceful.
9. God wants you to have your needs met, so you can deliver more good to help others. It is hard be the light of the world if you are not able to pay your light bill.
10. Wealth is within you. We must not wait for the right time or situation to be successful. Instead, we must work on our possibilities with full the expectation that they will come to reality.


Willie Jolley is America’s #1 Inspirational/Motivational Speaker/Singer/Author!  He is the host of the #1 Motivational Show on Sirius XM Satellite Radio and the opening speaker on the national “Get Motivated Business Seminar Tour.” A member the National Speakers Association’s Hall of Fame, Jolley was named “One of the Outstanding 5 Speakers In The World” by Toastmaster International.  He is the author of several best-selling books and can be reached through his website (http://www.williejolley.com).



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