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Let It Go, Please




By James Washington
Special to the NNPA from the Houston Forward Times

Today is truly a day that the Lord has made and it’s apparent to me that as the world gets more and more complicated, the Word of God gets easier to understand. I oftentimes get reminded of the power of ego (mine), pride and the desire to control or more correctly, be in control. Dare I say that most people believe, certainly understand the concept of letting go and letting God. But actually doing it, they find is impossible. I know many so called Christians, as you do, who can quote scripture, but even after all these years demonstrate very little faith, if any. I know Christian control freaks who must have the last say and who just have to be right all the time. I’ve gotten caught up in rationalizing my own actions given the circumstances of the day, as if by some miracle of intelligence, I am the authority, only to recognize later that not only am I wrong, but God never entered the picture. I call it faithless behavior.

It is at these times that I feel open to receiving the Holy Spirit and realize every day is full of miracles. I am blessed and highly favored and always have been. I am not in control. I never have been and if the truth be told, it’s okay. Giving one’s life to Christ requires a constant vigil against taking credit or assessing blame. When you focus on service in the name of the Lord, you really do get a chance to see all of this from a very different perspective. Service in this regard neither seeks nor expects reward. Any act of this nature speaks for itself. It can’t get any simpler than this. Christ suggests that God can see into your heart and knows your intention. Let’s see now. Love God and love your neighbor as you would love yourself. Incredibly simple! So simple, you could miss it altogether. Now on this day, any day that the Lord has made, let’s march this simple concept in what appears to be an ever increasingly complex world. Behavior should then have limits. Actions should have purpose and your intent should be upper most in your mind. So, let’s take a look at yesterday. You see how easy it is to get up and succumb to jealousy, pettiness, cruelty, envy and the like? It actually takes work to be humble, loving, giving and a source of truth all day every day. It shouldn’t but it does. The world sees to that. It takes will power and you know the will I’m talking about.

I believe the calling of every Christian is simply to try. It’s the effort that God expects. It’s the intent He wants. If you’re first seeking Him, then the question, then how you perform, how you think, what you say and who you hang out with gets answered with a resounding amen! I’m fortunate enough to believe that I’ve known people who were angels walking. Thus, I believe there are saints among us and I don’t ever want to be so busy that I ignore them in my haste pursuing the world instead of the Word. However, from these living breathing angels, I’ve learned the battle is not necessarily over until you win. And don’t concern yourself about the victory because Christ did that some time ago. What’s that line in the movie? What we do today echoes in eternity. My eternity is set. All I have to do is get through this life thing. Therefore get up each and every day and get this before you leave your home. See me see God. You can do this one hour at a time, one day at a time, one person at a time. Let it go, please.

May God bless and keep you always.

James,  jaws@dallasweekly.com


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