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Fantasia: Losing to Win [Tri-State Defender]






It took a minute to grow on me, but Fantasia’s new song “Lose to Win” is actually one of my favorite songs out right now. As always with every great song, you can almost look behind the music and find a portal into the singer’s heart and soul.

Now with Fantasia, you don’t have to look very far. She proudly puts that portal on display for the entire world to see. Since winning “American Idol” back in 2004, we have watched her evolve into a Grammy-winning performer, but not without her share of “self-inflicted” troubles. Most of those troubles related to her boyfriend, Antwan Cook.

In 2010, Cook’s ex-wife, Paula, accused Fantasia of knowingly pursuing a relationship with her husband despite knowledge of their existing marriage. Fantasia’s version is that she began seeing Cook after he separated.

Not convinced, Paula sued Fantasia under North Carolina’s Alienation of Affections Law, which allows the abandoned spouse to file a suit against the individual responsible for the failure of the marriage. A judge later ruled in Fantasia’s favor.

Also in 2010, Fantasia was hospitalized after overdosing on aspirin and an unknown sleep aid. While it was first reported that her injuries weren’t life threatening – she was suffering from dehydration and exhaustion at the time – it was later classified as a suicide attempt.

Fantasia eventually owned up to the incident, saying that she didn’t care about anything and simply wanted out. In late 2011, she announced her pregnancy and gave birth to her second child. Yes, Cook was the father.

The April cover of Sister 2 Sister Magazine features Fantasia, who recently revealed to Jamie Foster Brown that she and Cook are no longer together. She acknowledges “learning from the disappointment and growing from the experience,” telling Brown that, “If I don’t love myself, then I can’t be in a relationship.”

That sounds like winning to me.


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