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Failing Boss Goon and Other Local Artists Like Him

THE FLORIDA STAR — Up and coming rapper Boss Goon aka Willie Addison did not get the full opportunity to show the world how incredible an artist he was.



Boos Goon (Photo by: THe Florida Star)

By Opio Lumumba Sokoni, MSCJ, JD.

Up and coming rapper Boss Goon aka Willie Addison did not get the full opportunity to show the world how incredible an artist he was. If you go onto his Facebook (at Bossgoon Howimcommin) page to see his video teaser “How I’m Coming” you learn right away how incredible this artist’s music was. You also learn that this young man, with history as a Flag Street resident, did a long stint in prison. He posted a comment that read, “I got Jammed when I was 16 Now I’m 24 You do the Math Them Crackas Toast me…”

After leaving prison, the sky was the limit for Willie Addison. A flyer reveals a show date at the Paradise Gentlemen’s Club where he and fellow musicians performed. However, after that show he was killed in what was called in the white news media a mass shooting. After leaving the show in an SUV, his vehicle was shot up. Five others traveling with him suffered gunshot wounds, however, Willie Addison was the only one in the vehicle to die.

It all happened near the Spring Park Road intersection on Emerson Street. Authorities told the press that surveillance cameras at Wacko’s Gentlemen’s Club has footage of the time leading up to the shooting. Two vehicles are seen following the SUV carrying Boss Goon on Emerson before the gunshots.

The current mayor Lenny Curry said that it was all gang and drug related. In an election year it is easy to call black violence gang related. It is a code to the city that there is not much else to see here. Addison’s sister Lola told the media that Lil Willie was not a gang member.

Willie Addison was released from prison last June after serving a six-year stint for burglary and perjury convictions. He was also arrested in 2010 on attempted murder and gun charges but prosecutors later dropped the case.

Jacksonville continues to miss opportunities to provide local artists an avenue to make real money and travel the world show casing their music. There are a number of highly talented artists from this city that will rival any top ten rap and singing artist out today. This town has a strong history of supporting entertainment. However, that was 100 years ago.

In many cities like New York, LA and Atlanta, local artists can actually walk right into an office and get signed by a major record label. From what can be obtained from Boss Goon’s free style on the bus and video teaser How I’m Coming, he had some experiences to share. Those experiences may have provided some insight for his youth fans into how not to get caught up like he did. Some youth may not be able to get these lessons from a preacher, teacher or parent.

Boss Goon and so many street reporters like him have the formula that many wayward youth can use to side-step the pitfalls of the failed criminal justice system.

This article originally appeared in The Florida Star


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