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Beyond the Rhetoric: Obama’s Deteriorating Relationship with Israel



Harry Alford

By Harry C. Alford
NNPA Columnist

Who would have thought that the very close relationship between the United States and Israel would have deteriorated so fast during the last six years under the Obama administration? When has a president of the United States refused to sit down with the sitting Prime Minister of Israel? Never!

Have there ever been officers working in our White House refer to a Prime Minister of Israel as a “chicken s___?” Hardly! The true anti-Semitic/pro Muslim colors of Barack Hussein Obama are coming out. It is getting as scary as a horror movie. However, it is worse as this is real and the ugliness is oozing out right in front of our eyes.

President Obama never revealed his coldness to Israel during his first campaign. I remember him visiting the nation and writing a note for the “Wailing Wall.” Apparently, it was all politics. Now that his tenure of two administrations and eight years is virtually cemented into history, he is letting his feelings come out. His whole crew is starting to emulate their boss.

I have never seen Secretary of State John Kerry act so laissez faire towards evil acts against the people of Israel or anti-Semitic violence in France, Australia or anywhere else. Hillary Clinton and Bill seem to be very quiet about all of this. The Democratic National Committee, DNC, is acting like they no longer need American Jewish support any more. Where is the outrage from Democrats on Capitol Hill? There is Chuck Schumer, Diane Feinstein and Barbara Boxer just to name a few powerful elected leaders of Jewish faith. What kind of “mojo” is Obama using?

Noticing this 180 degree turn in America’s view on Israel is the international “bad boy” Iran. Iran repeatedly pledges to issue death and destruction to Israel and its entire people. They supply weapons, money and training to be used by anti-Israeli elements throughout the world. This nation is very serious about its evil quest and is doing all it can to make an Israeli Armageddon become a reality. What worries Israel most about their arch enemy Iran is the current and ongoing nuclear program that is taking place without any effective policing by the United States and other western nations. We invaded Iraq on the suspicion of a nuclear program being built. Iran is without a doubt doing the same without fear of the United States.

Besides building a nuclear program without fear of the United States, Iran is putting its influence strategically around the Middle East. The nation aims to destroy Israel but also to have geo-political influence with the majority of Muslim nations. Its navy is growing as well as its missile capability. It prowls the Persian Gulf which sits between itself and Saudi Arabia. It now patrols the Red Sea which has serious military implications if there is ever another world war. Its ships sail in front of Israel on the Mediterranean Sea. It has its army and air force roaming throughout Iraq. Syria’s closest ally is Iran and that has made a difference in Syria’s future in front of the Islamic State of ISIS. Whenever Syria starts to fall down under the attack of ISIS, Iran along with Russia will send in air power to push the enemy troops back.

A recent shock to the western world is the overthrow of the government of Yemen by rebels allied with Iran. President Obama recently proclaimed Yemen to be the ideal example of his effective foreign policy. The next day the President of Yemen was overthrown. This puts Iranian influence on all borders of the nation of Saudi Arabia and Iran’s military can now attack Israel from all sides even without nuclear arms. What makes Iran so cocky? Maybe the “answer” works every day inside our White House.

Obama’s closest adviser is Valerie Jarrett. She has power like no other person in the White House. President Obama listens to her advice like a child listening to its mama. Ms. Jarrett has direct ties to the nation of Iran. She was born there in 1956. The first two languages she learned to speak were Farsi (native tongue of Iran) and French. My people you cannot make this stuff up. A president who has a disdain for Iran’s bitter enemy, Israel, and allows Iran to do whatever it wishes at the detriment of our long-term ally Israel. The advice he gets from his closest advisor (who was never vetted) influences his hatred towards Israel.

Israel has a very big problem. Without a doubt, this nation needs to strike the nuclear infrastructure Iran is building because it will definitely be used against it. There is no one in the White House who is going to stop it.


Harry C. Alford is the co-founder, President/CEO of the National Black Chamber of Commerce ®. Website: http://www.nationalbcc.org Email: halford@nationalbcc.org.




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