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Dorrough Music Continues to Add to Dallas Music Legacy

DALLAS WEEKLY — Dorrough Music has been making moves in the local music scene since his high school days, with chart topping singles, studio albums, and a dynamic catalog of collaborative projects, and is now releasing a series of anthems called Star Baby as a love letter to his home, Dallas, Texas.



Dorrough at 2022 South by Southwest | Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons
Dorrough at 2022 South by Southwest | Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons

By Dallas Weekly Staff

Dorrough Music, more commonly known as Dorrough, has been making moves in the local music scene since his high school days. Since his initial explosion onto the local scene he has since had chart topping singles, studio albums and a dynamic catalog of collaborative projects that has been nothing short of spectacular. Recently he released the first in a series of new projects called Star Baby, which he says is a love letter to his home, Dallas, Texas.

The Star Baby project is (in essence) a series of anthems, which Dorrough has made his signature, shining a light on the vibrant hip-hop music scene here in Dallas. While speaking with Dallas Weekly publisher Patrick Washington, Dorrough appears humble and modest about his accomplishments which are not at all small. Dorrough is a history maker and a trailblazer. This hometown talent is the only rapper to date to have exclusive deals with two major sports franchises. TWO. No small feat considering the expansive and commercial appeal of modern rap, and how it is the foundation for marketing for most major brands these days.

You could say the bar is set high, but according to Dorrough, it’s just the middle. For him there are higher peaks to climb, and he plans to reach the top. He won’t stop at just two teams and his lofty music achievements. There is more to come, and a deeper commitment to his north Texas roots. The Star Baby himself is creating more collaborations with Texas based artists and using his platform to develop the local music scene into a hub for entertainment. Like Los Angeles, New York City and Nashville, Dorrough believes Dallas is primed to become the next center for talent development and promotion. An epicenter for major production and distribution of music.

He knows and has first-hand experience in the evolution of the Dallas sound and believes there is a major opportunity to explode in the metroplex. And he’s probably right. Dallas has long been a transition point for many musical talents. From Blues to Jazz, from R&B to Hip-Hop, many talented artists and industry business leaders have started or stayed in Dallas as they move to one of the coasts or develop further into the industry. Dorrough asks the question, “why should they have to leave?”

Local talent is abundant here and with the leadership and guidance of established artists and brands like Dorrough Music there is no reason why that talent shouldn’t be here and stay here and develop a business hub right here.

You can check out Dorrough Music on all streaming platforms and social media and check out the interview with DW on YouTube.


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